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★Farm Update, Sugestion & Bugs★
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droids ^^^droids^^^
This Coming March Update !!!!
●Melonies Tree House●
●Upgrade Barn in a Big Space●
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droids ^^^droids^^^
Done Update Melonies Tree House ,now u can send angel helper anytime. Spin for prize is open soon. Next Update is Upgrade your barn to get more space..
10February2021 - 11:57:44am
droids ^^^droids^^^
New Update Upgrade Barn Slots to get more of space in your barn. click your barn and click upgrade your barn. next update is upgrade melonies tree to get more of space in a tree ....
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13February2021 - 8:54:00pm
droids ^^^droids^^^
Aditional Guide In Our Barn in Farm the Stock means the Equivalent of Quantity of Item or Pieces of Item.
The Slot means the Number of Item in Different Name..
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23April2022 - 10:40:49am
droids ^^^droids^^^
Eto na mga aabangan nyo this coming September for Halloween Season. nagkaproblema kasi sa Laptop.
Alien Gift
Hunter Gift
Vampire Gift
Evil Candy Gift
Sexy Halloween Gift
Zombie Gift
Scarecrow Gift
Witch Gift
ScaryMovie Gift
Farming Dead Gift
Farming Dead 2 Gift
Ghost Zapper Gift
Ghost 2 Gift
Ghost Gift
Pirate Fish Gift
Gratitude Gift
Prank Gift
Burlesque Gift
Cnyox Gift
Mummy Gift
Witches Wizards Gift
Carnival Gift
Customs Animals and Brawler Animals
250 plus Animal Items
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07August2022 - 9:12:03am
droids ^^^droids^^^
Nutcracker Gift
Nutcracker Gift 2
Grunch Gift
Wonderland Gift
Wonderland Rare Gift
Xmas Deco Gift
Gold Gift
Ice Sculpture Gift
Snow Gift
Ice Age Gift
Santa Gift
Christmas Angels Gift
Elf Builder Gift
cheesy xmas gift
Rulers Gift
Whodunnit Gift
Midsummer Gift
Camo Gift
Origami Gift
Atlantis Gift
Literature Gift
Alchemy Gift
Opera Gift
Disco Gift
Mushroom Gift
Larp Gift
smitten gift
Lovers Gift
Candy Heart
Long Distance Gift
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21August2022 - 11:45:16am
droids ^^^droids^^^
CvZ Gift
Balloon Gift
Herb Gift
Ice Cream Gift
Veteran Gift
Mystery Egg Gift
Chilled Gift
Sand Gift
Cowboy Gift
Famous Witch Gift
Ooky Gift
St Patrick Gift
Winter Herb Gift
Viking Gift
Valentine Crop Gift
Yoga Gift
Internet Meme Gift
Disco Gift
Ice Gift
8 Bit Gift
Winter Vacation Gift
Flag Gift
Space Farm Gift
Freedom Gift
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07September2022 - 10:39:10am
droids ^^^droids^^^
Modern Horror Gift
Day Dead Gift
Love Potion Gift
Christmas Ornaments Gift
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12September2022 - 8:50:10am
droids ^^^droids^^^
Farm Sale
October 15-31 BBW Custom
November 1-14 Painter Item
November 15-31 Kitty Snatch
December 1-14 Moonscouts Item
December 15-31 BBW Custom Xmas Season
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04October2022 - 9:00:06am

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